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2become1 Bridal System


Designed to give you the power to create your own unique wedding dress, starting with a clean canvas - your favourite dress silhouette. Then adding toppers, overlays and accessories to achieve the look you desire.

Designed by You... For You.

Dress prices start at US$500 and can be ordered in standard sizes based on our Evolve Size Guide™.


Why 2become1 Bridal is right for you

  • Free Consultation

  • Affordable Prices

  • Customizable options

  • Unleash the Bridal Stylist in you!

  • Have fun mixing & matching pieces

  • Create your own unique wedding dress

  • Get help from your Virtual Stylist

  • Affirmative Labels - Evolve Size Guide©™

  • Inclusive Sizing

  • Proven fit

  • Most Beautiful Woman in the Room... Guaranteed!

Here's how it works!

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Shop Banners_25.jpg

Start With Your Favourite Dress Silhouette

Start Designing 2b1

Add Overlays, Toppers and Accessories

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