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Three Women
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You are

What we do

Clay is a Jamaican Luxury Fashion Brand that specializes in bridal & formal dresses, all intricately designed and made in our cosy local atelier. 

Clay celebrates human form - the female body in all its glory... dressing women of all shapes and sizes.

Our Commitment

Owned by a dynamic, Happily Married couple, on a mission to Make Marriage Great Again!

We know the importance of connecting with the right partner who complements you and even surpasses your wildest dreams. Similarly, we love connecting our brides with the perfect dress that accentuates your best features, making you feel like the most beautiful woman in the room.

We understand the Transformative power of fit and construction and we're committed to empowering women to feel Beautiful.

We'd love to connect with you to learn more about you, and how we can be there for you on your journey to a beautiful marriage.

Here's What Drives Us...



"Every BODY is Beautiful." At Clay, we truly believe this, and we take pleasure in dressing women of ALL shapes and sizes. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful. Our duty is to ensure that your dress fits your body beautifully and not the other way around.

Women have been wearing labels for centuries, some of which have made us insecure. It is unfortunate that today the labels we wear in our clothes have had damaging effects on our self-esteem and we often get trapped in a numbers game. But you are not a number... You're BEAUTIFUL!



Every single detail matters to us, and because of this, premium quality craftsmanship is always guaranteed. Your wedding dress is the most important dress you'll ever wear and creating it is a privilege we do not take lightly.

Woven into our brand DNA is Sublime Tailoring, intricate lace details, delicate hand beading and/or Elaborate Fabric Manipulation Techniques, constructed to perfection with figure-enhancing corsetry, couture finishes and a lot of Love!

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Made in Jamaica

Jamaica is notorious for putting our best "on the map"...

Reggae Music - Bob Marley & "The fastest man alive" - Usain Bolt.

All our clothing is handcrafted in Jamaica with the highest standards of quality, and we are confident in putting our brand on display for the world to see and experience.

"Now, even if you're not getting married in Jamaica, you can take a piece of Jamaica with you when you choose to wear 'Clay' on your wedding day."

- Kavan Allen -


Our Values



bd allen3.jpg



bd allen2-01.jpeg



Holding Hands

Meet Your Fairy Godmother



Creative Director

Keisha Allen is very kind, empathetic, full of wisdom and a nurturer at heart. Her soft-spoken, calm demeanor is very captivating and she effortlessly brings assurance and serenity to her surroundings. It is these reassuring qualities that make brides feel safe with her and are willing to trust not just her knowledge and skills, but also her intentions.


Keisha has worked in bridal for over a decade and has dressed 444+ women - of all shapes and sizes. Over the years, she has made 787 dresses and counting, and has over 48,000 hours of experience under her belt. 


Needless to say, she has an adept understanding of the transformative power of fit and construction and a keen eye for details. She is extremely meticulous, and a master couturier.


Her designs often feature elaborate fabric manipulation techniques, exquisite lace details, delicate hand-beading, and sublime tailoring masterfully executed with couture finishes.


She is a Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship Caribbean 2013 alumni, HEART Trust NTA - Spirit of HEART Trophy 2007 winner and the 2017 winner of Helen G's Design A Wedding Dress Competition.

Keisha, having struggled with insecurities about her body(size) and having noticed that most women regardless of their size have some sort of insecurity about their bodies, curated and carefully developed the "Evolve Size Guide" based on similarities she found in the dimensions of women she has dressed over the years. But instead of attributing women's dimensions and proportions to numbers or letters, each size was given a name.


It works similar to general women's wear size charts where your bust, waist, and hip measurements are required to determine your size, but instead of a size 12 or Large, you may be "Stunning".

Meet Prince Charming



Kavan Allen is a Leader, Philanthropist, Youth Pastor, Transformational Speaker and the friendliest guy you’ll ever meet! He loves people wholeheartedly and this infectious quality is the heartbeat of House of Clay and every organization he is involved in.

Kavan started his career in banking at the Bank of Nova Scotia and gained valuable experience in various departments within BNS for over five years. A little over a year after marrying Keisha, Kavan left his job at the bank to focus on building the Clay empire and pursue ministry (creating avenues for youth to connect with God and change the world) full-time.

He is the author of the book "The Father Wants Sons Not Servant" and founder of Revolution Ministries (r-EVOL-ution with LOVE at the centre). Coached in business by Marcia Woon Choy of Action Coach - #1 Business Coaching firm in the world and was Valedictorian of Diageo’s Learning for Life - Project Entrepreneur program.

Since then Clay has grown exponentially as he constantly seeks opportunities to grow the brand – taking care of business so his "partner in love" can focus on making our brides' dreams come true.


@kavan_allen at "Queens & Nobles" Event 2017.

Marriage Coaches

bd allen2-01.jpeg

Marriage is great - best decision we ever made great! That has been our reality and we want it to be yours too.

Kavan & Keisha Allen

Kavan & Keisha have been married for over a decade and are the proud parents of three amazing little girls (Tehillah, Karar-Kharis and Judah), and recently a delightful son, Josiah. The couple has a synergy that never goes unnoticed and will give you the warm and fuzzies just by being around them. Their energy is infectious causing them to capture the hearts of many, young and old.


The two are polar opposites! Kavan, being upbeat, energetic and probably the most extroverted guy you'll ever meet, while, Keisha is Calm, soft spoken and an extreme introvert by nature, yet they are so much alike in their values outlook on the world and commitment to the people around them.

Make Marriage Great Again...

bd allen3.jpg

Together, Kavan & Keisha have three beautiful girls; Tehillah, Karar-Kharis & Judah.


Kavan & Keisha with model Milan at "Queens & Nobles" 2017 Bridal Presentation.

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