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Embrace your Beautiful

Hand-made Wedding Dresses for Women who Don't Fit The Mould.

It is true that not all wedding dresses are created equal, but even more so, (and thankfully) not all bodies are created the same.

Clay makes...

Female inspired, intricately designed figure-enhancing Bridal & Evening dresses, masterfully crafted especially for women who don't fit the mould.

There are tons of wedding dress options available on the market for brides who gravitate to conventional bridal styles.

Our Brides come to us for:

  • Distinctive Designs​

  • Personalised Extraordinary Service

  • A Magical Experience

  • Expert Craftsmanship

  • The Dress That Fits Your Personality & Figure Perfectly

  • To Be The Most Beautiful Woman In The Room


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Unique is Beautiful

The world is made up of beautiful, unique, diverse women and you are one of them.

Ok, so you've never quite "measured up"... at least, you don't feel like you do.

So maybe you were never the skinny girl, and the people around you don't fail to point it out. Or you've always been the tall girl, towering above everyone else in you age group... even the boys.

You're either too short, too skinny, too hippy, too straight, too busty, or you've gained weight.

You're different and people can't seem to shut up about it. NEWS FLASH! EVERYBody is different.

You see, the problem is not that you are different. The problem is you don't feel beautiful because you are different. Don't get me wrong, this is not your fault. After all, your body critics have implied it all your life, and some have had the audacity to say it out loud. 

We've worked with hundreds of women of all shapes and sizes...women like you. Our mission is to make you feel like the 

Most beautiful Woman In The Room.

How Kara feels after working with us

Blushing Bride


Kara Testimonial.png

Source: Google Reviews.

Kara's Story

5 years ago, I had the honour of dressing one of the most beautiful women I know. I was extremely excited for 2 reasons...other than the obvious…(she was getting married). 

  1. She has curves for days

  2. She wanted to wear a unique colour - blush.


We went through the entire custom process of creating her dream dress, and she turned out to be one of the most breathtaking brides you'll ever see.

What I didn't know at the time is that she did not see herself the way I see her. She expressed to me after the fact that she never imagined that she would have been able to wear a figure-hugging wedding dress and look good in it, but she trusted my judgement...and boy was she glad she did!

What We Do



RUBY - Wedding Dress.jpg










How it works

On a Video Call

Virtual Consultation


Book a 30 minute chat with your Jamaica Fairy Godmother to learn about your endless possilities with HOC.




Design your Dream Dress with your Fairy Godmother in our cosy studio while being celebrated and pampered. You deserve it!

Sewing Machine



All our dresses are constructed to perfection in our cosy local atelier by experts who believe the details matter.




We are experts at fit & construction -  meticulously dressing women of all shapes & sizes for over a decade now.

Prices & Services listed below

Intellectual Property

You should know that as a designer brand, we value intellectual Property and will not Knock-off (duplicate) other designers' work. Therefore, any picture(s) or video(s) sent to us by you during an inquiry or discovery call of designs from other brands (not Clay), can only be used as a reference to what you like so we can design your perfect dress.

Custom Wedding Dress

Your Perfect Fit.


Custom Designs

Your Custom Wedding Dress is made to fit your exact measurements and is designed especially for you based on your style profile and preferences for your perfect dress.


This is for you if you are body conscious, you just can't find the perfect fit or the right combination of design elements in one dress and you get drained physically and emotionally in the mainstream dress shopping process. Wedding dress shopping should make you happy, not question your body or your beauty.

Starting Price: US$2,400 / JM$360,000

Average Price: US$3,000 / JM$450,000

Timeline: 6 - 8 Months (shorter timelines possible)

Design Consultation price is US$100 / JM$15,000 which goes toward the final price of your custom wedding dress if you purchase your dress from us.

Start with a free video consultation with your Jamaican Fairy Godmother.

You don't need an army of dresses when you have a 

Fairy Godmother.

What makes a  wedding dress superb?

Yes, you guessed right... beautiful, high-quality fabrics and experts who construct them beautifully.


But what you may not have thought about is the inner structure, precision and expertise it takes to pattern/engineer a dress that fits you perfectly and highlights your best features.

We've married the two... 

At House of Clay we give you beautiful, masterfully crafted, wedding dresses moulded to fit your body perfectly.


Confidence Boost

Screenshot_20211017-081240_Google My Business.jpg

Retail Wedding Dresses

A collection of dresses Made-to-Order in standard sizes including our 2Become1Bridal System.

_JWP2803 (1)-01.jpg

Retail (made-to-order)

If you are the "what you see is what you get" kinda girl, then an off the rack wedding dress that is already designed is ideal for you. You get anxious when you can't see or touch what you are buying and trusting that it will come out perfect without ever seeing or trying it out could drive you crazy.

And let's be honest, this is not just any ordinary dress. This is the most important dress you'll ever wear - your wedding dress. We get it! 

Average Price: US$1,000 / JM$150,000

Timeline: 3 - 6 Months

(Rush orders available)

We've made retail shopping even better with our 2Become1 Bridal System.


Designed to give you the power to create your own unique wedding dress, starting with a basic dress silhouette of your choice, then adding lace toppers, overlays and accessories to achieve the complete look you desire.


Designed by You... For You.

Need help styling your perfect dress? 

Request a FREE Virtual Consultation with our bridal stylist to make your wedding dress shopping experience a breeze.

About your Fairy Godmother



Keisha Allen


  •  Over a Decade/48,000 hours of Experience

  • 444+ women of all shapes & sizes

  • 787 Dresses and counting


What it's like to have a Fairy Godmother


It's in the details


Couture Wedding Dress

The Premier of Wedding Dresses! Discover Endless Possibilities.


Couture Design

A Couture Wedding Dress is the premier of wedding gowns!


This is a meticulous process of the finest quality that accounts for every detail of your wedding dress - including creating the fabric or textile for your dress.


With Couture, there are endless possibilities. This is for Unicorns - brides who have fine taste and a unique point of view that cannot be satisfied by mainstream wedding dresses, however beautiful they may be.

Starting Price: US$5,000 / JM$750,000

Average Price: US$8,000 / JM$1,200,000

Timeline: 8 - 12 Months 

Design Consultation price is US$200 / JM$25,000 which goes toward the final price of your couture wedding dress if you purchase your dress from us.

Start with a free video consultation with your Jamaican Fairy Godmother.

Other Services


Special occasion dresses made to order in custom or standard sizes. 

Evolve Size Guide

Starting Price:

Custom - US$500

Standard - US$250

Timeline: 6 - 12 Weeks

Bff Bridesmaids

Trendy, made-to-order dresses your bridesmaids will want to wear again. Your Bridesmaids' Fashion Fix.

Starting Price:

Standard - US$180

Timeline: 6 - 12 Weeks

Clay Mini

Clay also offers the dreamiest Mini Bride and FLower Girl dresses!

Starting Price:

Custom - US$300

Timeline: 6 - 12 Weeks


Clay Brides are the Happiest

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