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Re-Labeling Size

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

I've never considered myself to be pretty, or beautiful, and I grew up with a lingering sense of insecurity about my physical appearance, but a big part of that had a lot to do with my size. I was always "too skinny".

I was given nicknames such as "bones" or "string bean"... In plain Jamaican terms, "mawga gyal". I was always the skinny girl, still am..

There's a lot of talk about body positivity and size inclusivity in fashion today, and the media at large. But I've always noticed that the conversation tends to be lop-sided and sometimes hateful.

"Women's Rights & Equality"

Women across the world have bought into all these female empowerment movements - often started by women to empower women. But the problem is, that the Modus Operandi of a lot of women - even some of our biggest role models, is to "tear down" another woman so we can feel better, or stronger, or more empowered. But if the "Future is Female", we have a big problem! If we can't learn to celebrate others, knowing that, my empowering another woman doesn't "steal my shine" or make me less awesome or powerful... It makes me even more beautiful.

I went off on a tangent to say that if we're going to start a movement on body positivity and size inclusivity, the conversation has to be balanced.

It shouldn't be "fat girl" vs "skinny girl"... one talking about the other with enormous amounts of bottled up resentment as if the other is the problem (or a disease), in an effort to gain empathy from society and feel better about ourselves.

We must EVOLVE ... Our future depends on it!

Re-Labelling Size

I've noticed that with the rise of "fast fashion", women have become increasingly insecure about their bodies and more specifically the size on the label inside our clothing. And as if that weren't enough, some fashion brands felt like vanity sizing would help fix the problem while adding to their bottom line.

But this has just made things worse, and a lot of us get caught up playing the numbers game...trying to fit into a certain number or letter when we are so diverse and intricately beautiful... We cannot be defined by a number!


Women have been wearing labels for centuries, some of which have always made us insecure, and though we've evolved, our "labels" haven't - at least not the ones we wear in our clothes, and a lot of us stake our value on numbers that are often so fickle... ...but YOU ARE NOT A NUMBER... You're BEAUTIFUL! ​

I believe we can change the way others label us by first changing the way we label or see ourselves... ugly, fat, skinny, small, large..... How about, STUNNING, GORGEOUS, PHENOMENAL, BEAUTIFUL!

The Evolve Size Guide

Having dressed women of all shapes and sizes for over a decade, I have carefully developed and curated the "Evolve Size Guide" based on similarities I've found in modern women's bodies, but instead of attributing women's dimensions and proportions to a number or letter, each was given a name.

The Evolve Size Guide is a women's size chart developed and copyrighted by House of Clay - Jamaican Luxury Fashion Brand that specialises in Bridal Wear. It works similar to general women's wear size chart where your bust, waist, and hip measurements are required to determine your "size", but instead of a size "12" or "Large", you may be "Stunning".


View the Evolve Size Guide at

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