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Own your Wedding Dress for Less!

COV-ered Promo


COV-eredby House  Of Clay

2B1 Bridal Capsule Collection

COV-ered capsule collection is our answer to the challenges Brides are faced with as a result of the covid19 pandemic. From wedding restrictions to financial constraints, your wedding dress shouldn't be a stress. We've got you covered with beautiful, high quality dresses at amazing prices.

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Tap for Details

Tap for Details

Here's Why a COV-ered wedding dress is what you've been looking for!

COV-ered dresses are elegant, timeless wedding dresses that work perfectly with the 2become1Bridal System. They are beautiful on their own yet versatile enough to be paired with bridal accessories, sleeves, toppers and detachable trains from the 2become1 line to create your own unique look or have two dresses in one.

  • SUPER Affordable Prices

  • Premium Quality, Timeless Wedding Dress

  • Built-in corset

  • Customizable Options with 2B1 System

  • Inclusive Sizing

  • Affirmative Labels - Evolve Size Guide©™

  • Proven fit

  • Most Beautiful Woman in the Room... Guaranteed!

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